Mustafa Kueh and Tai Advocates was registered in March 2012 merging the work experience of two (2) experienced lawyers who have been working and practicing their legal craft in both the private and corporate sectors for many years. The Partners, Mohamad Ismail Mustafa has a total of eighteen (18) years of legal experience and Nancy Kueh Sze Feng has seven (7) years of experience in the legal fraternity. Both Partners have served as in-house legal counsels for multinational organizations as well as practicing in legal firms. The Partners’ exposure to a wide range of legal matters either in terms of local transactions or international legal issues gives the Firm its strength in terms of providing the best service to its clients.

Mustafa Kueh and Tai Advocates specializes primarily in litigation, banking, corporate and commercial transactions including those legal matters related to international or multi-jurisdictional business dealings. Both Partners are very familiar with international contracts covering sectors like high technology industries, oil and gas, chemical and the construction industry.

Mustafa Kueh and Tai Advocates has signed up and entered into a strategic alliance with Jeff Leong, Poon & Wong.


Mohamad Ismail Mustafa                                                           
Nancy S. F. Kueh                                                        


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